youth ministry

All youth meet with Matt Hall from 6:30 t0 7:30 p.m. and use various matrial's.

One thing that most of our church community recognizes is that we do a good job with the youth that are a part of our congregation. But what about the other youth in Marshall-those outside of our church family, those who have no church home? Is there anything being done for these youth? One of the goals currently being met. One of our current plans is to explore any needs in the community of Marshall that are not currently being met. One thing that kept coming up in our discussions was the number of youth in Marshall that seem to have nowhere to go and nothing to do once school lets out. These aren't all trouble youth or delinquents, they are just kids who hang around town because there is nowhere for them to go. Many of these young people would love to have a welcoming place where they could belong.
Particularly of concern are the hours immediately following school We see a need for outreach to these young people, and getting them connected with the saving power of Jesus Christ. There are many possibilities in ministering to these youth, including concerts, special events, and after school program(s), to name just a few. First Baptist Church of Marshall has a long standing history of strong support of ministry to you, and we sense God's leading to strengthen and grow this commitment in the days ahead. My we develop and expand our efforts to change the lives of young people with the love and the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

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